About M/s. Aquilae Technologies Private Limited

Aquilae group of companies comprises of highly qualified professionals who encourage & specialize in moulding new gen / young gen in meeting the evolving corporate need. Aquilae utilizes their real time corporate experience & simulated scenarios effectively to enable students to understand the practical nuances of corporate world.

Aquilae has a niche & unique combination of senior Management Resources who have the blend of training students on one hand and real time corporate experience on the other. Further Aquilae’s management team believes in direct involvement and they themselves conduct training programs.

Aquilae’s training programs are lively, driven by activities & are customized to large extent to make it interesting for the students. We believe in providing simple & real-life examples or actual live scenarios / portals wherever needed to ensure that students get a hang on the practical side of their academic / personal knowhow.

Our Training USP's:

○ Complex topics are broken down to enable students to understand with ease.

○ Our actual sessions are designed to be fully interactive.

○ The uniqueness and memorableness of our examples make sessions lively.

Benefits for students:

A comprehensive insight into the Share / Stock / Capital market. Knowledge of the capital market can be a big asset to the students in the future.

Big picture, overview & complete fundamentals about capital market. Not available currently in any form. Be it books & other forms of contents in a net. The existing materials are highly theoretical.

It enables them to understand and follow financial jargon full of ease.

Can trade & make money, if they desire so later.

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